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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

My Fantasy: A Hawaiian Honeymoon
Dedicated to my chance at happiness, Paul

Submitted by Willow

I realize the American culture and Madison Avenue value youth, and that, perhaps, a Hawaiian honeymoon should be for a young couple, but, I have a secret that could be revealed if I won a romantic Valentine's Day trip to Hawaii. I am fifty-one years old and my sweetheart, Paul is in his late 40's. We met each other shortly after both of us had gone through painful divorces from spouses who did not value us. In fact, they had hurt both of us badly, emotionally and financially. Paul is everything, I think, I have always wanted in a man, which I never had, but had always hoped for since a young girl. We both had been divorced for a while and been dating around when we met ON THE INTERNET! He lived in a nearby city. We talked to each other online, then on the phone, and after a while, we decided to meet. The rest is the body of a wonderful story of hope, of healing, of the development of a deep love and friendship that continues to get better and better. My childhood was unhappy and sad; my married life was very difficult although my relationship with my three children was the joy of my life. When I met Paul I had about given up that life held anything left for me - my youngest son was about to graduate from high school and would be leaving me to go to college the next autumn and my other children were out on their own. I can't really put all my feelings about Paul into words. He is so good to me. The kindness and affection he shows to me EVERYDAY has enabled me to see the world in a much better light. He is very intelligent, sympathetic, funny and I am very happy to be in his life - which gets me to the point of why I am writing to you. From the very beginning of our relationship, when we talked about the future, I was adamant about never marrying again. "No," I said, "I will never put myself in a position like that again." Well, we just celebrated, last week, our meeting each other two years ago. I want to tell him I have changed my mind and want very much to be his wife. We are still paying on debts from starting over. We could not afford to go to Hawaii. I have been to Hawaii; Paul has not. I was on the Big Island several years ago taking classes near Hilo and toured all the islands before I left. I loved it so much. If I had not had children (grown) who expected me back, I would have tried to stay there. If I won a trip, I think I would have the courage to talk to him about how my feelings have changed about marriage. Please believe me, a Hawaiian honeymoon with a husband I know I have a wonderful future with would be the miracle of a lifetime for me. I hope you will consider us for your grand prize: A Hawaiian Honeymoon for two people who found love later in life.

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