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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Softball, Marriage, and the Game of Love
Dedicated to Heidi

Submitted by Brian

It is a romance that was not supposed to happen. She was married. I was single and dating around a lot. We met through chance while I was coaching her softball team that summer. Our first meeting was less than cordial and I had no interest in her whatsoever, except for her ability to play softball. It turned out she was one of my best players which made me take notice. As the season progressed, we got to know each other better, both on and off the field. Our mutual interest in the team had us running in the same circles and we began to see each other more and more in social settings. I was impressed with her athletic presence on the field and her diminutive feminine qualities off the field. She had a great sense about her sexuality. Above all, she was genuinely a nice person. Totally different from the women I was dating at the time. Unfortunately, she was married and I respected that, even though I was envious of her husband for being so lucky. We continued to socialize and began to form a relationship. Friendly at first, but after awhile, we both realized our feelings for each other were stronger and we fell in love. She confided that her marriage was in trouble and she felt lonely and was not happy. When her husband would come home after being away, he would make plans with his buddies rather than with her. When they did make plans, it usually was doing things he wanted to do. She wanted out! I felt extremely guilty that she might be leaving her husband for me. We did what everyone should do: we broke off our relationship to give her a chance to make her marriage work. It was one of the most difficult things I ever had to do. Even though I continued to date other people, I thought about her all the time. It was even more painful whenever I would see them out together or in their yard if I passed her house. Several months later, just about the time I thought I was over her, she called to let me know she had left her husband and filed for divorce. I was ecstatic and filled with anticipation! I knew I had found the woman of my dreams. We immediately resumed our relationship romantically. Two years later, we were married. We honeymooned in the Caribbean where we consummated our marriage in tropical bliss. That was fourteen years, three children, two houses and six cars ago. To this day, we still wonder if our honeymoon would have been more beautiful and romantic if we had gone to Hawaii. We do not play much softball these days, but the romance is still alive and doing well. The only thing lacking is a trip to Hawaii for a second honeymoon to find out. The most ironic part to this whole story is her ex-husband has since moved down the street from us and is still single.

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