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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

My Soul Mate
Dedicated to my husband Bradley

Submitted by Krista

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of meeting Mr. Right and getting married. I used to pray that God would give me a sign when I met the right man. As I grew up and started having relationships with men, I began to think there was no Mr. Right, just Mr.Yes, I Can Tolerate You for More Than A Day. I had a series of bad relationships, one of which gave me one of the greatest gifts of my life, my son. After I had him, I began to view life differently. I decided that I didn't NEED a man in my life, what I did want though, was a partner, a soul mate. I dated a little and had one more really bad relationship. After the last relationship, I decided that when it was right God would give me sign, so I quit looking. I didn't date anyone for awhile, then in the summer of 1998, my son and I moved to a new apartment complex. That is were I met Bradley. We spent two months exchanging casual hellos and smiles. Finally I asked him out. Why? Because God gave me my sign. After two months, Bradley and I had a real conversation. It lasted three hours and that is where the sign came. All my life, when I get nervous, my hands sweat really badly. My mom took me to different doctors to see why it happens. They all said the same thing -- overactive sweat gland in the hand. During tests, job interviews, and ALWAYS around men I was interested in, my hands sweated BAD. During that three-hour conversation, my hands never broke into a sweat. We had a few more conversations and I asked him if he would like to come to my place and watch a movie after I put my son to bed. He agreed and we have been together ever since. We were married on February 14, 1998. After our marriage, he adopted my son. We have since been blessed with a daughter. That is where the Hawaii part comes in. We didn't have a honeymoon because we both had family coming to Washington for the wedding and we wanted to spend time with them. We decided that on our first anniversary, we would to go Hawaii for our anniversary/honeymoon. God had other plans for us. Despite birth control, I became pregnant on our wedding night, and 9 months later, gave birth to a beautiful little girl. Needless to say, we have had to put our trip on hold. It is okay though, because I have my soul mate and two wonderful children. But a trip to Hawaii would be great.

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