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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Once Upon A Cruise
Dedicated to David

Submitted by Dorothy

Hawaii, the cruise of the Islands, the meeting after midnight on the top deck. I saw him walking up the stairs to the top deck. I was the only one there; I'd been enjoying the quiet, peaceful night of stars and another ship in the distance. I had seem him earlier at the singles dance, nice looking, about 5'10", brown curly hair, corduroy jacket, all smiles (and he'd been flirting with 2 other gals)! No way, fellow, stay away was my thought. But he marched right up and said, "Hi, my name's David; what's yours?" I said "Dorothy," and started toward the stairs. "Wait," he put his hand on my arm, "it's too early to stop such a beautiful evening. Let's go back to the dance and catch the last few." I agreed and the romance started.

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