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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Our Dream...
Dedicated to my love Marianne

Submitted by Massimino

Our dream to go to Hawaii... It started over 24 years ago, when life was simpler for us. I would stand on a corner with my friends and make major decisions as to what sport or card game we were going to play that night to keep out of trouble. But things would change for me very soon. Because now someone new is coming around, that someone who gives you goosebumps when you look at her. Of course, I played it cool, but could not hold back the feelings. She popped the question, "Do you want to go out on a date?" It was great night, we talked about everything and one thing we did talk about is a dream to go to Hawaii. After two years of dating, I decided to pop the all-important question,"Will you marry me?" But How?? We ate in Chinatown at this special restaurant we enjoyed every week, and I decided to give her the ring in a fortune cookie on top of the ice cream dessert. I knew she would open it because we always pretended when opening that cookie it would say "Congratulations, you won a trip to Hawaii." She was so surprised to find the ring in the cookie that she cried and everyone in the restaurant cheered and clapped. It was the greatest night in my life. As we grew older we decided to have two sons who are our joy. As a family, we discuss everything. Most of all, the discussion always wound up with who would go to Hawaii first. After many years of romance (fights), love (fights), shopping (argh... fights), we are still very much in love, and we will be 20 years married in April 2000. And we never went to Hawaii. We are trying to figure out where to go for our Anniversary. Hopefully, it might be the island of Hawaii in the year 2000.

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