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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Love Of My Life
Dedicated to Rick Johnson

Submitted by Chrystal

I met my future husband at work. It all started with an old flame who had left me broken-hearted. I took this particular break-up very hard. It got so bad that I nearly lost my job, my home and subsequently my children. Everyone at work thought that I was losing my mind and everyone shunned me and talked about me behind my back. Rick never did that. He would walk with me every day and listen to me rant and rave, cry and carry on about this guy. I even told him that this guy promised to take me to Hawaii. That has been a lifelong dream of mine. Rick would make comments and suggestions and try to make me feel better. As everyone around me abandoned me, he hung on. He was my confidant and my savior. He is my best friend! He helped me feel good about myself again and got me back on my feet. One afternoon, I invited him out for a drink and we have been together ever since. He took a chance on me and I have never been happier!!! Rick is 42 and has never been married; I am 39 and this will be my third marriage. I KNOW he is the right one for me! He took me to Mukilteo Beach on December 21, 1999, which just happened to be my birthday, and got down on one knee, in the sand, and asked me to be his wife!!! He also invited all of his family and some of mine over that night to have cake and celebrate because his family thought he would never, ever get married. It was without a doubt the best birthday of my life! These two years have been some of the best ever for me and I look forward to spending the rest of my years with Rick. He is even going to take me to Hawaii for our honeymoon, no matter what it takes. We will be married on August 12, 2000.

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