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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

My E-Mail Lover
Dedicated to Ray

Submitted by Jackie

Someone told me about a husband who deserted his family to marry a woman he met on the Internet. How could anyone fall in love through a keyboard, I wondered.

One day a friend said he was enjoying coffee meetings with a lady he'd met in a singles ad. That sounded harmless enough. Curious, I decided to take a peek, just for fun. I clicked onto the site and went to Men Seeking Women. One ad struck a chord in me. It read: "5'8", physically fit, metaphysically motivated, like hiking, dancing, quiet talks, movies, music, art and closeness. Partner must have similar interests. Leo." Well, I am 5'1", have had good rapport with Leo's, and love all that stuff!

Since this person lived in Arizona and I live in Washington, I felt safe in responding and suggested that we try being pen pals. He E-mailed right back, as he liked the idea. Ray was an articulate writer. Over several months, we shared our similar backgrounds, lifestyles, and belief systems. As we delved deeper, we became mesmerized, sharing painful and pleasant experiences, fears and pet peeves. Feeling more and more comfortable, we exchanged photos and sent cards with dabs of our favorite colognes. We began to phone each other on Sundays.

Our E-mails became the high point of the day. Over time, as I maintained my detached facade, he began to have romantic feelings. Soon I keeled over and fell in love, too. In one letter he wrote, " I like who I've become just from knowing you. I like your essence and your words thrill me. When I say I like you, I mean I really admire you, your outlook and your easy-going grace. It all seems so right, like we've been friends forever and now we must be lovers to complete the cycle."

How could I NOT love this man! When I decided to visit my daughter in Tucson and meet Ray en route in Phoenix, family and friends were worried, reminding me of computer creeps who prey on women. The old cautious me would have worried, too, but I knew in my core being that this man was the honest man I'd come to know.

We met and he drove me to Tucson where we spent time with my daughter who approved of the match. It was a tender and romantic few days and when we parted, he held me and, with tears in his eyes, choked, "We have to do something about this." Eight months after our first E-mail contact, Ray packed a U-Haul and moved to Washington where we now share a fine togetherness. We have a clay pot labeled "Hawaii Trip" where we put our coins at the end of the day. That trip is our dream and it will take a long time to manifest, but I want him to experience the island that was once my home where we can walk the beaches together.

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