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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

My True Love
Dedicated to my daughter Jada Tinnie and my son D'Andre Tinnie

Submitted by Carla

It's was a summer night my sister Robin came at my apartment to see me, she told that she was going to visit her boyfriend Andrew whom I never met, Sis I want you to come with me at my boyfriend home to met him, okay. I went with my sister to met Andrew when we got to the stairway a guy came down the steps and said hi to my Robin, he then ask her who is this Robin replied and said this is my sister Kathy, I turn to my sister and ask her if this is her boyfriend Andrew she said no, this is Andrew's friend Mark, he was good looking, he came to me and ask me my name, I told my name was Kathy, we started to talk, a few minute later my sister boyfriend Andrew showed up, we all went upstairs. My sister took me to her boyfriend room, there were a few of his friends in the room watching television, my sister knew everyone of the guys, she turn to them and said this is my sister Kathy, they were all looking at me with lust in there eyes, I turn and said hi to everyone , there was this one guy sitting there looking at television paying no attention to me I looked at him and said to myself he was very rude; but there was something about him that was special. I told my sister I was leaving she ask me to wait for her, Mark and Andrew told us to wait they will walk us back to my apartment. As we were walking my sister told Andrew she wants a ice-cream cone Mark asked me if I want one I said okay, Mark was telling me he like me and would like to have my number , I told him I have boyfriend and it would not be right for me to give him my number. After the guys drop us off I said good night to Andrew and Mark. The next day I call my sister at work to ask her about guy in Andrew bedroom, I start describing the guy she then told me it's was Andrew's brother and his name is Andre, I told her I find myself being attractive to him she then told it's funny because, she was just talking to Andre and he was asking about me. I ask my sister what she knows about him, she told he was a nice guy and he have a girlfriend, after hearing that I back off. Four months later, my sister and Andrew were going to a party and ask me if wanted to go, I ask who was going to the party besides us, Andre and Mark, I told my sister no I can make it, because Andre was going and I still like him, and we both have other partners. Three months later,My sister told me Andre was asking about me, I told her I can not talk about him, besides he is still with his girlfriend, she then told me that Andre and his girlfriend broken up and I should go and see him, he is staying at his brother apartment. Later, that afternoon I told my boyfriend that I was going to see my mother, When I got to the apartment my heart was racing fast I was so nervous, I rang the door bell three times but no one answer the door I was about to leave when A voice answer and said who is there it me, who; Kathy, hold on a minute, He came downstairs and open the door, Hi, Kathy how are you doing he came over and give a big huge, where is Andrew he by your sister apartment for the weekend, okay I will see you later, no stay do you have somewhere to go? no, We were talk for a long tome he told me he and his girlfriend separated, can you hang out to night with me, I have to work at my father club tonight at the bar, okay. I went to club with Andre we were talking and having so much fun, he then ask me to come back to his place to talk some more, I would never go to another man apartment especial when I am involve with someone, we had a glass of wine then he kiss me and I kissed him back I was enjoy every moment of the kiss, there were feels inside of me that was awakened, then he start touching me all over and I could not say no to him, he took my ! clothes off then he was cresting my body I was shaking all over, then we made love, it was very intense and emotional. The next day Andre called me to go out on a date with him I told I have to make up a story to tell my boyfriend, We went on the date it was wonderful, he took me to the movies in the city, we had our picture taking, we walk to Central park were we laid in the glass and made love. Andre I am falling in love with you, we were meant to be together we will marry and have four kids. That's when he told that his girlfriend wants them to try again and cares for her, my heart was broken to many pieces, Kathy I care for you too, you have to decide because I made up my mind that I want to be with you, I am going to tell my boyfriend tonight about everything, I can hurt him anymore, even if you decide to stay with your ex-girlfriend, I will break it off with my boyfriend. It will never be the same for me anymore, I can not stay with him knowing that I am in-love with you! . Why are you calling Andre you are making it hard for me to move on, you have decide to work things out with your ex-girlfriend just let me go, no I can I am in-love with you too, and as hard as I have try, I can let you go, you once told me we were meant to be, and I believe that are meant for each other. I told her about you and how much I love you, I took her I never meant to hurt her. I am coming over there in an hour. Where are going with all of those bags, after I took her about you she kicked out, come in did you have anything to eat? No, what do you want to eat. Andre its, been months since we move in together, are you happy with me, yes, Honey i missed my period, I think I am pregnant, Kathy I love you we will do it together, our sweet daughter Jada was born on May 5,1995. The next year our wonder son D'Andre was born December 4,1996. We had some rough times, but over love for each other made us strong together. We have been together for Six years now, and w! e are getting marry on February 13, 2000. Andre is my true and my timeless love. There is an old saying if two people were meant to be nothing in this world can keep then apart. Many people and things try to keep us apart but they all failed. After we get marry, we will start working on the third child, maybe with luck I will have twins, and our dreams of having four children will come true. To all you couples who are now starting out never give up on your true love. To make another dream come, we would love to win the trip to Hawaii for our honeymoon. Thank you for reading my story about how I met my I one and only Love.

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