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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Keeping Our Love Alive
Dedicated to my wife, Heather

Submitted by Mr

I proposed to my wife, Heather, on our first date in October 1967. She did not immediately accept. We had both previously been in long term relationships and had both been engaged. But when it's right, you know it! Heather phoned me early the next morning and said yes! We were married on May 18, 1968 and today our love is stronger than ever. We first visited Hawaii in May 1993, for our 25th anniversary, with my sister and her husband. On the day of our anniversary, we all took an evening dinner cruise together. When Heather was not looking, I placed a box on the table in front of her. Inside, she was thrilled to find a beautiful diamond engagement ring. However, all too soon our dream vacation was over and we all had to return home. Heather and I returned in February 1997 to celebrate my birthday on Valentine's Day. However, shortly after takeoff from Vancouver, a small cut on my finger began to swell and show signs of infection. By the time we arrived in Hawaii, it was badly swollen and turning black. I spent the whole week either in bed at the hotel or visiting the clinic or the doctor. Heather told me that I was delirious, seeing and talking to people who weren't there and she was afraid to leave me alone. Immediately after arriving back in Vancouver, my doctor diagnosed it as a bacterial infection and sent me to a plastic surgeon. After deciding that the finger could not be saved, it was eventually amputated. In May 1998, we returned once again, this time with our youngest daughter, Amber, and her friend, Naveeta. What Heather did not know was that our oldest daughter, Leslie, was also on the same plane, heavily disguised. My daughters and I had planned a renewal of vows ceremony as a surprise to Heather for our 30th anniversary. I told Heather that I had booked a limo ride for our anniversary before going to dinner. I asked the driver to stop at Diamond Head park so that we could walk on the beach. Suddenly Amber and Naveeta emerged from their hiding place. Heather was obviously confused. Then Leslie jumped out from behind a tree and Heather was REALLY confused. The last time we saw Leslie, she was in her pyjamas saying goodbye to us in Vancouver. While Heather was trying to figure it all out, the minister and photographer appeared. Everything went perfectly, except that everyone is crying in all the photos. Once again, shortly after arriving back in Vancouver, another problem arose. My eyesight had been failing and I was eventually declared legally blind, having only 20% vision left. Since that time, my kidneys have begun to fail and I am currently awaiting dialysis prior to receiving a transplant. My desire is to return to Hawaii one more time, hopefully on our anniversary, before I have to begin treatments.

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