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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Kim's Poem
Dedicated to The Love Of My Life

Submitted by Kimberly

A little something for you, special lady!! I once met a lady full of beauty inside. Together we laughed and together we cried. She told me 'bout her dreams -- how I wished they'd come true. I told her 'bout my dreams and together we grew.

I knew it was special from our very first chat. She knew she could tell me, 'bout this and 'bout that. Our friendship grew stronger with each time we'd talk. I'd dream 'bout taking her hand while out for a walk.

We went through our tough times and some were real rough. I knew it was special cause my best friend was tough. She'd deal with things daily as I knew that she would. She knew I'd be with her if only I could.

Then, on one special day and to my surprise, I was sitting across from her looking into her eyes. I think of that first day, so often in fact, I wonder how I made it, with heart intact.

She drove back to her house and I flew back home. The flight was the longest that I've ever flown. My heart felt so full and I wanted her so. She made me see what love was, and how it could grow.

So day after day, she'd light up and say HI. I'd see her come on-line, instant gleam in my eye. We talked about life, 'bout what we'd like to do. Before long we knew, we'd hear I Love You.

Our hearts grew together, our souls became one. Whenever together, we had nothing but fun. With her hand in mine, we'd drive down the street. I could hardly keep my heart from skipping a beat.

Through the good and the bad, when we were apart, she was always in my thoughts, my prayers and my heart. Her ultimate happiness, most matters to me. I'll sacrifice for her, if it's what she needs, I will set her free.

I'll sit back and wait and hope that one day, the sun will come out and wipe out the gray. She'll be in my life in one form or another. We won't part forever; we're in love with each other.

You'd light up my morning, my day and my night. I want you to know, I won't give up the fight. You're one special lady that got inside my heart. I'll love you forever, till death do us part.

I sit and I ponder, click delete or click send. Wish I knew the right answer, don't want things to end. If I send it she'll cry, I don't want her in pain. Yet deleting will get me absolutely no gain.

If you see this, I trusted, our love would pull through. If you see this you'll know that Kim I love you.

The one thing we have always wanted to do was to spend time alone together. And Hawaii is the perfect place.

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