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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Lost and Found
Dedicated to My husband

Submitted by Martha

For twenty-one years, I was married to my high school sweetheart. Together we created three children, two sons and a daughter, and built our lives around our family. Like all marriages,we hit a rough spot and had difficulty working through it. This was during a time when women were finding their independence, and divorce was common throughout our community. Unfortunately, our marriage did not survive this crisis, and we were divorced. We both married other people, and I moved to Hawaii with my new husband to start a new life. How luxurious this sounded; I was looking forward to this adventure and to having my children join me for visits in my newfound paradise. This paradise, so richly abundant in atmosphere, was not to be found with my new husband. I missed my kids terribly. I found myself looking forward to conversations with my former husband, talks about the events of our children's lives. I found myself enduring ten years of unhappiness knowing I was with the wrong person. With the support of my true friends and family, I gained enough strength to leave and return home.Soon after my return, I established a home with my second son, who was a student in a university. Often his dad would stop and visit, and these visits quickly became more frequent, and suddenly we found ourselves visiting each other and finding once again the high school sweetheart whom we once dearly loved. I realized that those twenty-one years spent with him had bonded us together. We were family. We married again in January 1, 1995, only to endure another crisis just six months later. Our middle son died suddenly in a climbing accident on July 10. It was as if we were put together again to lean on each other during this tragic and mournful time. We have been married five years now, and I love him all the more and could never imagine life without him. I felt as if we had never been apart, and the time spent apart merely a bad dream. We survived the pain of loss, but it has taught us what it means to exist in this life. We know we are given but one chance and to use this opportunity to appreciate all we have. We watch our grandchildren grow and learn new things; they are pure entertainment! We have the joy of seeing our son and daughter bloom into loving, caring people. The love and importance of family through the good times and the bad has become to us an essential ingredient in living life. We are now in our early sixties. I would like to see again the beauty of Hawaii that never grew old and make peace with my memories. My husband has never been to Hawaii, but has had the dream to one day go back with me. I would like the chance to do it right and return to the Islands with my husband, my true and everlasting love.

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