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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Love at First Step
Dedicated to My Beloved Husband Of Dedication

Submitted by Ann

Once upon a time, long ago, a young couple met, fell in love, and married. She was a college junior; he was a veteran of World War II. What brought them together was that they both loved to dance. They foxtrotted in Queens, New York (her home), they rhumbad on the sand in Coney Island (his home). They tangoed at the Rainbow Room. Why, they even polkad in Pennsylvania while drinking beer out of a barrel. From the moment that she melted into his arms on that blind date, it was love at first step. Her dance training began at age two when she appeared on stage in a number called "Somebody's Sweetheart." With a big bow tying her auburn curls together, she ran out on stage, curtsied, and ran off. The applause was deafening; she was hooked for life. His introduction to the world of dance was more informal. With four older sisters needing someone to practice the Shag, the Susie Q and the Big Apple, he quickly learned the difference between his right and his left. By the time he was eighteen, he was a regular Fred Astaire. On Saturday nights he and his friends took the subway uptown for a night of jitterbugging at the Savoy Ballroom on Lenox Avenue in Harlem. And if a black girl honored him with a Lindy, his evening was made. But the high point came in 1943 when he won the runner-up spot in a dance contest on his troop ship of 5,000 men crossing the Pacific. Most of her dance partners were other girls. The callow high school youths were shy and the older men were overseas or on the very same troop ships. But dance she did -- at ballet school with bleeding feet strapped into toe slippers, and in gym class with her best girlfriend to the music of Tommy Dorsey on the phonograph. So when our couple met, words were superfluous. They fell in love feet first. And if that's not as good a reason as any for falling in love, what is? But alas, unlike most fairy tales, in this story the prince and princess don't "waltz" into the sunset. One unfortunate evening -- it was about 1966 -- their two teenage daughters happened to catch the happy couple attempting a new dance called the "frug." The laughter was ear-shattering, and on that fateful night they packed away their dancing shoes. But like most fairy tales, the story has a happy ending. In October 1999, the happy couple will celebrate their fiftieth anniversary with a trip to a most romantic place, the islands of Hawaii. Why, maybe well even learn the hula!!

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