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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Loves Getting Away
Dedicated to Mark Carter

Submitted by Dienne

Looking out the window at the gloomy day, wondering if the day is worth facing again, after all could my life actually get any worse? The phone rings, it is my attorney. He was to be getting hold of the insurance company, to get information about accidental bodily injury insurance, that is affixed to my policy. "Great it's there," I stated, in a hurried voice. My daughter's father died in a car accident, two years ago in October, and I only have one month to recover any money owed to my daughter. It has been left up to me to get things together for the attorney. For the rest of the family seems to not care. On the way to the insurance company, still half asleep, the morning news blaring on the car radio. I finally tuned in to hear the contest of the the week: a paid vacation to Hawaii. That would be great, I think to myself, but I never win anything. Stopping to get gas, I still have the tune of the phone number still ringing in my head, so I think to myself what the heck, I don't have much to lose but a quarter. Pulling a quarter out of my pocket, I start to dial the number that's dancing through my head. It rings, "Hello" said the voice on the other end. "Hi, am I the twentieth caller?" I said in a doubtful voice. "You are," said the voice at the other end of the phone. Driving home that night was like a fantasy come true, my husband and I were really falling apart and my love was getting away due to all the time I was spending on this case. We both needed a break, and a trip away would do us both some good.

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