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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

I Love You Today
Dedicated to my love, Richard

Submitted by Ann

Dear Rich,
Happy New Year! Have I told you that I Love You Today? Have I told you that the little gold ring that you had carved out with the letters ILYT is my most treasured possession ?

For almost four years now we have fought for our love. Amidst criticism and jealousy, name calling and punishment, your strength of character and your love for me have prevailed. You were able to withstand the heat better than I, and your remarkable love and support really kept me going.

You say that you feel lucky to have this second chance. I am the lucky one!! Every day I watch you give of yourself to others in your characteristic selfless way. After five and a half years of a front row view of this, I am still in awe at the number of patients who stop by after hours just to "talk" to their "friend." Many have told me about all the special ways that you have cared for them over the past 30 years beyond their dental woes. I even had a woman actually tell me that she wished she could hand over her children to you to raise. She was so impressed by the father who participated endlessly in his children's lives while they were growing up. A father who kept early hours and rearranged his schedule in order to be present at each and every activity his kids were involved with. You have touched so many lives with your big heart and your generous compassion for those in need.

You are larger than life to me. Nothing ever seems to get you down. Your happy-go-lucky nature has helped me look inward and reveal some real truths about myself and life in general. Your simple ways and your simple thoughts abolish all the craziness that pops up around us from time to time. Thank You !! Thank you for being you, for being patient with me, and for teaching me what is truly important in life. Remember when you used to say, " you feel like you shouldn't love me." You could tell that I was being "sucked in" to believing those who were saying that we would never last. You never believed that for a second , and you were always very reassuring.

Your ring box and your golf ball posed hand written questions. The answer is YES. Yes, I will marry you in Hawaii . Yes, I will be your twosome forever, and yes, I Love You Today (ILYT) and that NEVER expires !! Me.

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