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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

I'm Proud of the Way We Met
Dedicated to Chris Milnes

Submitted by Julie

I am not very good at explaining my thoughts and feelings, but I want to share with others the subjectof dating agencies. One marriage and a couple of bad relationships behind me, I had given up hope of meeting Mr Right. In fact I had become accustomed to the fact of living alone and being over thirty. I had tried various methods of meeting people, but I worked long hours and found it difficult to get out. One evening, along with my local paper, a form came through my door. Being a bit apprehensive, I read through it and thought about all the horrible stories I had heard about introduction and dating agencies. After numerous discussions with friends and family, I decided what the heck, what have I to lose. I arranged my interview, was seen and signed up within a week. My first two dates were horrendous (you would have thought that after a three-hour in-depth interview and my purse feeling extremely lighter, they would have at least listened to what I was saying). Third time, luckily, they struck gold for me; he was everything I wanted in a man, apart from the little fact that he is lighter in weight than me (but you can't have everything). We started our relationship via the telephone. I am the proverbial chatterbox, so our quick chats were always 2 hours long. We just hit it off straight away, hobbies, interests, work, and the fact that our dream holiday desination is Hawaii (we both watched too many Elvis films when we were younger) - it was just too good be true. After two weeks, we took the plunge to actually meet face to face. The venue was decided, The Queens Hotel in Leeds City Centre on Wednesday, 5th August 1998, at 18.45. I described myself down to the last little detail, but he was so nervous that he kept going up to 6 ft 4 people asking them if I was Julie (not bad, considering I told him I was 5 ft 4). We have now been together over a year. We have had a lot of ups and downs but the one thing we always know is that we have each other. Chris is divorced with two children, and I have to confess it's not the easiest of relationships to handle, as we have a lot of contact with his ex regarding the children, but I am coming to terms with it. I love him more than words could ever say - believe it or not, I am not what he requested in a woman on his in-depth interview. His request was that he did not want a redhead or anybody who had a dancing background, but just guess what he got! And I know he would not change me for the world. We will get married on Friday, 4th August 2000, and it is a date we just can't wait for. To go to Hawaii would just put the finishing touches to our perfect relationship.

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