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Timeless Love

In Love & Lovin' It !!!
Dedicated to

Submitted by Lisa

My name is Lisa Maehr and I've been married for twenty-five years to my best friend and husband. We met in the 7th grade and were close friends, and then became lovers inseparable. By the time I was 15, I knew this was my soul mate. When I was 16, I became pregnant with my son. Although this was devastating to both our families, Joe and I felt this was no accident; it must have been meant to be. Struggling to grow out of adolescence and become parents was not going to be easy, especially with no support from either side of our families. We knew that we loved each other so much, we'd make it work. Everyone said that we were children getting married and having children. Joe and I got married, and for the first two years, it was rough -- a new baby, no money, no car, no friends (who had children). I watched my husband ride his bike to work and home everyday. Never complaining, he supported the three of us with a beautiful apartment, food and tons of love. Whenever I was down about bills or having no car, Joe would say, "Honey, this may be rough now but someday, I promise, all this hard work will pay off and we'll be lying in the bright sun in Hawaii and look back and say, 'We did it!'" My son is now 23 years old. He is a graduate of an Ivy League school and we have three other beautiful children whom we are saving for to put through college. We know it will be years before we could ever fulfill our Hawaii dream but my husband and I are still best friends and ridiculously in love!!!! For everyone out there who said, "You're too young, it will never last," Joe and I will grow old together and someday we will lie in the bright sun of Hawaii. Yours truly, "In Love,+ Lovin' It!!"

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