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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

He was Aries, she Cancer
Dedicated to Kjeld

Submitted by Heather

He was Aries, she Cancer and although predictions said such a relationship would never work, they were determined that it would. Helen had just recovered for a chronic illness and after a serious operation was well on the mend. She met Kevin six weeks before she was due to go in for a follow-up operation. She could not believe that such a nice guy could be interested in her, let alone wait two months for her to convalesce when they had only just met. While recovering in the hospital, one day she looked up and saw her two favorite men entering the ward, her brother Martin who had taken such good care of her while she was in hospital and her new boyfriend Kevin. She knew everything was going to be alright. It was early in May that year when Helen had first set eyes on Kevin. They had met on a walking weekend in the beautiful Alsace mountains in France. Helen loved walking and being in the open air. Kevin had just separated from his wife and was branching out into new activities. Kevin was already sitting in the hotel bar when Helen arrived on the first evening. For some unknown reason, she was drawn straight to him and looked into his brown eyes and introduced herself. He had looked back into her lovely brown eyes and wondered what was in store for him. Their eyes had spoken even if their minds did not realize it. During the weekend he showed little signs of caring, helping her when she had a problem loading her camera, carrying and sharing the lunchpack for two, fetching a chair for her. When the two pairs of brown eyes met again at the end of the weekend, they knew that they would meet again. The following Friday, Helen was delighted to discover that he loved dancing and they danced in each other's arms and were the last to leave the dance floor late into the night. Helen was a busy woman, so when Kevin asked to see her again, she had trouble finding a free night.

"Call for a cup of tea," he suggested.

So she did at 10 p.m. one evening and they sat in the garden and looked at the stars and talked, and talked, and talked. Soon their social schedules were synchronized and they spent many happy hours together walking, talking, and meeting each other's friends. It took four years for Kevin's divorce to come through. He needed time to heal from his former relationship breaking-up. Helen learned the art of patience. She knew she wanted to marry him, but she was willing to wait until the time was right for them both. Life was not always rosy, they had their fair share of learning to live with each other's habits. But they were determined to be a success at walking hand-in-hand and treating each other as equals. They learned to respect the space each other needed. Kevin was an extrovert and channelled his love of being the centre of attention into "walking the boards" in amateur theatre. He was cheerful, full of fun, and people loved having him around. Helen loved parties too, but in a more moderate way. She had a calming effect on him. Now, ten years later, they have decided to seal their love and friendship with the life-long commitment of marriage. To journey together hand-in-hand through life's paths, up's and down's, helping each other grow, to support each other and seek and fulfill their purpose of being together on planet earth.

"Where shall we go for our honeymoon?" he asked as he held her in his arms one day.

"Hawaii," she murmured in reply. "They say it's a wonderful place, full of spiritual energy. I would like to experience that with you."

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