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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Her Destination
Dedicated to Karina Chupina

Submitted by Kevin

The man of my dreams is far away.
He doesn't know how much I admire him.

She sat at the kitchen table, dreaming again. It was that sort of day - gray skies, a cold rain outside, the monotony of household chores. Her gaze was on the window to the back yard, a view of broad, towering oak trees and a white picket fence around the lawn. Her mind, however, was back on campus with Robert. They met that first semester in Psychology, traded notes and went out for pizza. It began as friendship and blossomed into something greater, and reached that point where hardly a minute went by without some thought of each other. "We are explorers," he whispered one night, as the radio played softly. "Exploring each other - our pasts, our present, and....our future." He looked her in the eyes then, and even the shining crescent moon floating over the clouds could not draw her eyes away. There was promise in his eyes, promises that subdued fears she had locked away - of walking alone, of long years fruitlessly searching for the right person. They had cooked meals for each other, driven together through the mountains, engaged in furious snowball fights, traded favorite books and went on long walks along the river. She did not have to rely on his words alone - her heart knew. His promise was real. It had sustained her over the six months since graduation. It was hard, being apart so long, but necessary - he settling into his new job and it would be a while before they could be reunited and have a place of their own. They stayed with parents, worked and saved, and he hinted that they would get away when he had earned a one week vacation. She sipped her coffee as she recalled their dreams of travel - visiting friends scattered across the country, hiking and camping through forests, sunning on stones of ancient, crumbling temples, laughing in pools by tropical waterfalls, trying new foods, new languages, hearing tales of history in far places. There was one place special to her, one that shimmered in her imagination. A place of endless blue ocean, cool breezes caressing palm trees, lush green groves bearing fruit, winding roads along the shoreline and sailboats drifting through harbors. She wanted to awaken before dawn and walk out barefoot on the beach, to see the sun slowly color the new day in pink and orange. Another day of exploration. Her reverie was broken by the dog barking near the front of the house. That would be the mailman. She went to the door, smiled and waved at the departing mailman and gathered her mail. Her excitement rose as she saw the envelope from Robert. As she opened it, she saw no letter - strange. There was only a small note, with a single word. "Come!" it said, and beneath it was a drawing of a ring. Next to it was a long card, and she gasped as she recognized it. The plane ticket said it all. They were really Hawaii!

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