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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance

If it's Magic, Never Let it Go
Dedicated to Love

Submitted by Susie

Rob and I were sweethearts our junior and senior years in a small Midwestern town. But college and work responsibilities pulled us apart. We lost touch in 1966 after a youthful misunderstanding. When no one attending the 10th or 20th class reunions had heard from him, I believed Rob had died. He and I both married and divorced others, but we never again found the special magic we had experienced together. Rob and his then-wife attended the 30th class reunion, but I did not get word in time to make plans. After going online, I eventually found some old classmates on a class reunion site. One mentioned Rob attending the reunion, but because he was married, I did not contact him. Later, Rob found the same class reunion site and e-mailed me. I responded immediately, mentioning that I was single, but then he fell silent. Rob, always so decent, was taking time deciding to end his unhappy union before again contacting me. He finally responded earlier this year. Within a month, we realized the old feelings were still alive, and began making lifetime plans together. We have succeeded in keeping our love alive all these months, thanks to the Internet. The anticipation accompanying our first personal meeting in the French Quarter this fall was intense. We were so shy and uncertain. I missed my plane, Rob's car broke down on the way to the airport, then his plane developed mechanical trouble, and we couldn't find each other in the airport. Even the shuttle driver for Avis was searching for me, and she was very moved to witness our first embrace after a third of a century of separation. After that rocky start, we celebrated a joyous reunion in New Orleans. We have no doubts about our love and our future together. We want our wedding trip to be wonderfully romantic, and selected the Hawaiian Islands as the perfect destination.

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