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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

I Fell in Love With You in 5th Grade
Dedicated to my husband Ron

Submitted by Pauline

It's hard to believe that this June 2000 will be our 10th anniversary. Ron and I met in fifth grade and I have loved him ever since. My mama always said, "Life dishes out what you can handle; it is life's test." The first years of marriage were hard on us, the whole getting used to each other and everything, love him one day, hate him the next. When you grow up with someone and know him all those years, sometimes it makes things harder. Go figure! Ron and I married in Seattle, having a small wedding with close friends. I always wanted a big wedding but we couldn't do it. We lost my mama the week I conceived my daughter. Mama was my best friend. If I had one wish, it would be to do my wedding over again. My mama always wanted to see me walk down the aisle and the joy of a big wedding no one should miss. "The memory of that big day no one should miss," Mama would say. My daughter Zoie is 5 now and my dream is to remarry my husband in Hawaii the big way with all our friends and family. It's been 10 years for us and it's time to do things right. My mama loved Hawaii and traveled there a lot, so I can't think of anywhere else my wedding dream would be more real. Ron, honey, marry me all over again.

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