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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

I'll Remember You
Dedicated to Vicki

Submitted by Christopher

Yes, I know that the title of this story is also the title of a Kui Lee song. It fits! Thirty-five years ago, I was just out of the Navy and had decided to stay in the islands for awhile. I still hung around with my buddies in the service a lot and one night, Hank said, "We've got to take Chris to see V." Being game for anything, I went along to see and meet this girl who had so captivated my friends. She was a bartender in a small lounge in one of the hotels in Waikiki. Since I had seen what it took to impress my buddies all through the Far East, I wasn't sure the trip down Kalakaua would be worth it. How wrong could I be. Auburn haired, features as perfect as a china doll, voluptuous body making that "merry widow" work overtime. That would have been enough but her eyes dared you to look into them and then laughed as they turned away. I guess I knew what Raymond Chandler had meant by smoldering. Her name was Vicki, and we never looked back. Some things just work. We closed the lounge and sat on the sea wall at Waikiki the whole night. Finding out that there was another person who shared so many passions with me was like Christmas in July. That she was beautiful and seemed to feel the same about me was a bonus. We did not spend so much as one day apart the next year. Somewhere in that time, I stopped being in love and became a possessive fool. Vicki, being a few years older than me, tried to make me see it, but I was bulletproof and invincible and didn't listen. When she finally had enough and I realized that I had to leave, I still pretended that it was no big deal. I left the island and never came back. She had left the door open to possibly another try after some time, but I wasn't buying that. I never saw her again. The real reason for this letter is to let her know that I owe her large. For, you see, I'm not sure that I've ever known love since then. Thanks to her I know the warmth and beauty of being in love. Hawaii will always bring her memory to mind and "I Will Remember You."

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