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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Given A Second Chance
Dedicated to Each Other

Submitted by Christine

Hawaii is a place I've always dreamed about. It is full of romance and peace. A place that is surrounded by those beautiful white clouds and deep blue water. I will go there one day with my husband. He is the most gentle man I know. I love him so very much! We have only been married a little over a year. I tell all my friends that I have truly married a "friend." You see, I have known Bob for about 12 years now. Who would have ever guessed! In fact, those friends of mine know Bob too. Twelve years ago, we all worked together. Bob and I both had a different life back then. It's funny how things just happen. Over the years, we have all gone our separate ways. Even though we were apart, we still worked for the same big corporation. Different meetings had always kept bringing us together. We both had divorced at one point in time. I certainly wasn't looking. I did not think that a 40-year-old with a 10-year-old daughter would be attractive to anyone! I never took time for myself. It was me, my daughter and work and not necessarily in that order. Then Bob came along. It is so funny. He asked me to the movies 'cause neither of us wanted to go alone. Besides, what are friends for? He is such a gentleman and so handsome. Well, that was only the beginning. One thing led to another and we got married in November of 1998. We have a beautiful family - the three of us! We have bought a home and really enjoy our family life!!!! What a pleasure it is to wake up every morning. We had a small wedding with a few family members and friends. It was mostly for my daughter, so we picked a weekend that she was scheduled to be with us. It was just beautiful!!! And today I am thinking about a vacation for two. How romantic!! Bob and me in Hawaii, all alone, in the hot sun with a deep dark tan. I can feel the breeze now as he leans over to kiss me on the cheek and says "Thank you for coming into my life."

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