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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Happiness Is Where You Find It
Dedicated to My Husband

Submitted by Geri

My love story started almost 26 years ago. I was a penniless, divorced, working mother of a 3-year-old, forced to return to my parents' home before my son was born. My ex-husband had emptied all my savings accounts and used my credit cards for his gambling. I was a very insecure person. All I did was go to work and come home to care for my little boy. My mother kept urging me to go out, meet people, ,join clubs, get involved. I finally had the courage to join Parents Without Partners when my son was three. I went to my first PWP party on a hot August evening. I spent more than an hour pacing outside the building. Did I have the nerve to do this or not? Well, at 10 p.m. I finally rang the bell. The lights were dimmed and the music was soft. I sat on the couch, my eyes lowered, watching my thumbs as I twiddled them, unable to look up. A tall good-looking man took pity on me. He sat with me. I actually socialized with a "man" for the first time in 3 long years. At the end of the evening, he offered to drive me home. Since my car was in front, I drove him to his. We talked some more and said goodnight. He called the next week. We started dating. Within a month, he was taking my son for 3-4 hours on Sundays. After moving into my own apartment, I invited him to my home for dinner one Friday night at the beginning of November. That night he brought me a bouquet of roses. On Thanksgiving, he again brought me a bouquet of roses, this time with an engagement ring holding the stems together. We got married in March, 1975 (8 months after we met). We wanted a honeymoon in Hawaii, but settled for one in Puerto Rico. He adopted my son after 3 long years of fighting his biological father. To celebrate his 13th birthday, our son opted for a trip to Hawaii instead of a party. We spent 2 dream-filled weeks island hopping through this island paradise - Maui, Kauai, Hilo, and the Big Island. I had hoped to return one day on a second honeymoon with my wonderful, caring husband.We will be married 25 glorious years this March. He still brings me flowers every Friday (26 years), we still hold hands, we still enjoy each other's company, whether watching TV or listening to the radio or just reading. What better way to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary than by vacationing in a tropical paradise, Hawaii & some of its islands!

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