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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Hawaii, Lost Love
Dedicated to Nina, the woman I shared Hawaii with

Submitted by Bill

Hawaii is a very special place to me. When I was married, we lived in Waimanalo and my second son, Chris, was born on Oahu. I lost a wheel on my 1967 Corvair as I was going over the Pali. We fed two families great Chinese food in Kailua (four adults and five young childern), for less than $6.00 US. Plus I have 8mm film of my 2-year-old son streaking across the state parks in the buff, with palm trees and ocean waves breaking in the background. Yes, the Honolulu Zoo was free too, like the winds of the Pali Lookout that would lift you up like a bird and drop you back a few feet on a good day. I fell in love with Hawaii thirty-some years ago, and I would like to go back and fall in love with her once again. And maybe if the Hawaiian gods smile on me, she might share me with a beautiful woman to watch the Hawaiian sunsets with. A man should be so lucky.

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