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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Desire: Then Sings My Soul
Dedicated to Love

Submitted by Marvia

I have a strong fascination with the Islands of Aloha. I have never been there physically, only mentally. The Aloha Spirit bids me from afar. Adjectives cannot describe the beauty and wonder of Hawaii, nor can magazines or books. My thoughts ask the question, “Do the inhabitants know what a treasure, a blessing it is to live in paradise?” I long to escape the stress and pressures, and let the tranquility of the Land Perpetuated in Righteousness overtake me. To wash away cares from a pristine beach with the soothing turquoise clear water, playfully, overlapping the shore. Gentle breezes blow as the trees sway to a melodic tune. The aroma of beautiful flowers perfumes my soul. Nature says aloha and welcome to a spiritual mind-blowing experience. My senses awaken and stressful chains fall off. A new me emerges, and sees like I have never seen before. Oh, how I long to take that retreat to aloha, but until then, it will be in the voyage of my mind.

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