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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Dedicated to My Love Michael

Submitted by Michele

When Michael and I first met he was married and lived in California. I was involved with someone and living in Texas. I worked for his father's company in Texas, which I might say I still am there. Well after working there a year, Mike and I became really good friends professionally. In 1998 it was his 10th anniversary to his first wife and he did a renewal of vows. Well, shortly after that they ended the relationship. Michael decided to move down to the second plant in Texas. On his way down he had a mission. The mission was to (in more words than one) make me his. Unaware of what was going on, I sort of fell for him hard core. We hit it off so well. The funny thing about it is that a year ago when I applied for the job, I was denied 3 times an interview due to others getting hired before I could get my foot in the door. Once I did, I was there to stay. Well after dating for a few months we talked about marriage and honeymoons and traveling. I have been to Hawaii when I was just a baby. I was born in Guam, MI and Mike my husband was there for vacation. He told me that it would be the perfect place to go for our Honeymoon. Little did I know we would actually get married. Well we did just 3 weeks ago, September 22, 1999. I got my island wedding here at South Padre Island. It was not Hawaii but it was close. To our surprise my in-laws are sponsoring a one week all expense trip for my husband and I when we have our BIG wedding on June 24, 2000. Mike and I have discovered during our time together that we are soul mates. For some reason or another God put me to work there and have the understanding to wait for the chance for an interview. Now Mike and I have been married 3 weeks, we are Members of our local Church and have a close relationship with God. If it were not for Him, Mike and I would not be together or be as blessed as we are now. We hope next year to seal our love and truth with God and ourselves on the beautiful island of Hawaii. Hope to see you there.

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