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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dreams Do Come True
Dedicated to My Soul Mate, Vince

Submitted by Sharon

I first saw him on his wedding day when he married my long-time neighbor. I was already married, but sitting in church that day, I sensed that he and I were the ones meant to be together for life. How unsettling it was to think that. It seemed to be a message from God, for I could find no other explanation. But life marched on and we went our separate ways. My marriage lasted ten years and produced two wonderful children. Too soon, I married another and had a beautiful baby boy. Four years later, that marriage also ended. I found myself with three children to support, so I buried myself in meeting their needs and trying to earn a living. Shortly after my second divorce, I lost custody of my youngest child in a brutal custody battle. My three-year-old was moved hundreds of miles away from us by his father. For the next ten years, I followed them legally from state to state, trying to regain custody. Finally, one wonderful lawyer took my case to heart, believed the evidence and managed to bring my son home to us. I could not undo all the years of turmoil and horrific emotional pain through which we had come, but at long last I was able to create a better, more stable future for my family. About the time I gained custody of my son, my long-time neighbor died, following a very lengthy series of illnesses. He had devotedly stood by her through all her years of sickness and cared lovingly for her. When I visited with him and their two daughters at their home, I was taken back in thought to that day in church when I first saw him. My idea of our being soul mates still existed though, again, timing was such that nothing could be pursued. Four years later, my neighbor's mother passed away. At the funeral home, he and I finally shared some time together. I felt strongly that an opportunity to explore the possibility of being together finally was at hand. That evening, when the phone rang and I heard his voice, I looked upward and thanked God. I knew my life was going to change forever for the better. And it did. We were married in the Virgin Islands and vowed each year we would take a romantic vacation to renew our marriage. Our hope has been to one day visit Hawaii and revel in its idyllic splendor. This year we celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. We are soul mates who lived fifty-some years before life situations brought us together. We pray God will grant us fifty years together to enjoy this wedded bliss we both so long dreamed of having. And, hopefully, we will visit Hawaii to fulfill the remaining dream of our life.

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