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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dreams of Hawaii
Dedicated to Wade

Submitted by Monica

We met on the whim of destiny -- he, a fallen minister; me, a bored chemist. He told me of the work he left in Hawaii and from the things he said, I could tell that his heart still yearned for the islands. We began a romance which, from the first, had the power to last throughout all eternity, despite all the odds working against it. One thing came between us, though: Hawaii. He felt he had no choice but to return to the beauty of the sunsets, the ocean, the people, if only for a brief period. Luckily, his love for me turned out to be stronger and true. Still, there are memories he longs to share. "Someday," he says, "I'll show you all the places I've been talking about. You'll especially love the sunsets." I am hoping that that day will soon be at hand. I know I'll love the sunsets.

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