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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Better the Second Time Around
Dedicated to Joe Taft

Submitted by Belinda

Twenty-one years ago, we met at dance on New Year's Eve. We were only 18-years-old, but we were inseparable from then on. We talked of marriage and having children. Joe had some problems with his driving record and ended up having to go into the Army. The separation was more than we could deal with and something happened that separated us even more.

Over the years, I often thought of him and wanted to know what had happened to him. But things intervened and I never did. I married, but was later divorced. I had heard that Joe was married and I hoped that he was happy. I always figured that he would get married and have a bundle of kids. I had kept in touch with his parents through the yearly Christmas card and even that ended after a while. I moved to Seattle in 1992 and had decided to write to him in care of his parents, but never could find time to put the pen to paper and do it. In October of 1999, I decided to write Joe a letter. I got up on Sunday morning wrote the letter and went to the post office to mail it before I chickened out. I really just wanted to know that he was happy. I didn't really expect to hear from him. But I did.

It took two months, because he had received my letter the day before leaving with his dad and brother for Elk hunting. Then other things (work and children) seemed to keep him from writing. But two weeks before Christmas, I got a wonderful card and short letter. He had always thought about me and still had pictures of us. He admitted he had thought about looking for me; I just beat him to it. We spend several hours on the phone and decided to meet over the New Year's weekend.

We spent the whole New Year's weekend together; it was wonderful. It was as if the last 20 years had just melted away. We have so much more in common now than we did then. Even my mother says that there must be a reason that we are together now, that we needed the time to find out who we are. We talked about how we are going to celebrate our 40th birthdays this year and Hawaii was mentioned. We are going to take things slowly. But we both feel that something brought us back together and we are going to explore it together.

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