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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

A Torch for Cleo
Dedicated to Ed

Submitted by Cleo

In January of 1992, my first husband died suddenly of a heart attack at age 42. He was buried on our 20th wedding anniversary, January 8th. Four months after that, I received a call from my father telling me that my brother died suddenly of respiratory failure at age 38. It was a very difficult time for me, just trying to get over the loss of my husband and now my little brother. Since I lived in Florida, I had to fly up to Indiana for my brothers funeral. While at the funeral home and meeting many old friends and family members, I noticed someone staring over in my direction. I did not know who he was, or at least I did not recognize him. He had gray hair, balding somewhat, and a full beard. He walked over to where my sister and I were talking and said hello. I shook his hand like I did everyone else. I still did not recognize him. Then he introduced himself. I could not believe it. It was my old boyfriend from high school, 27 years earlier. We were going steady at Emerson High School in Gary, Indiana in 1963. In 1964 he went into the Navy and we both pretty much went our separate ways. I was just so curious as to what he was doing there. He told me that he was looking in the newspaper when he happened to glance through the obituaries and noticed my maiden name (Milligan). It was the funeral announcement for my brother. He said that he just had to go there and see if I was there and see what I looked like and what was going on in my life. We got together when everyone was going out for pizza for dinner. We were following the cars and neither of us knew our way around the city. We were cut-off by a train and did not know where the pizza parlor was. So we ended up at Miami Subs. While sitting at Miami Subs, Ed began to tell me how he had been looking for me all these years. He just kept talking about how he kept a torch burning for me and that every time he came to Florida, he would try to find me. He then pulled out several pictures of me when I was younger. I just could not believe all that he was saying. He said that he figured I would think this was just a bunch of baloney, but he said it was all true. Then he asked me if I had ever been to Hawaii. He said he would love to take me there and we finally did get to go in 1996. He flew down to Florida and I flew up to Indiana for little vacations. Finally, we decided that we would save so much money if I would just marry him and move back to Indiana. So I did on May 15, 1993. Six years later we are still living happily ever after.

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