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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

As Fate Would Have It
Dedicated to My Wife

Submitted by Larry

Some people are skeptical of the idea of destiny and reject it in favor of self-determination. Others learn through time and trial that some things are meant to be. Lori and I are two skeptics who have become believers. We now know that the little twists and turns of fate that brought us together in romance had been going on long before we ever knew we were in love.

We met about 10 years ago when we both moved to Seattle with our respective families to work for the same company. By any standard, I was doing well. I had married my college sweetheart, had successfully raised two fine children and was closing in on the defining job at the top of my career. Lori had been married to her husband for 18 years, had 2 wonderful children, and a great job. But something was missing in each of our lives. We now know it was each other.

We were never formally introduced, and we first began to know each other from the polite little smiles [Oh, that smile!] that were sent and received as we passed each other in the corridors at work. Over time and as fate would have it, we wound up in the same work group, enjoying a satisfying professional relationship for several years. We became good friends and coworkers.

My middle-aged quest for true happiness eventually led to a separation from my wife of 30 years. One of the possessions that I was left with was a timeshare condo and pair of non-refundable airline tickets to Hawaii for the holidays. I was not looking forward to the prospect of going alone. As fate would have it, Lori and her husband had finalized their divorce, and so i half-seriously asked her if she would like to go to Hawaii to decompress. Separate rooms, no hanky-panky, no workplace romance for us, just a week of rest and relaxation. To my pleasure and amazement, she said yes.

So, there we were - two people from different generations, different races, and different backgrounds - alone together in Paradise. As you might imagine, the sights and the sounds and smells of the Garden Isle worked their magic. In the island way, we learned to know each other, and two friends became lovers. We fondly refer to this trip to Kauai as our "first date." Our "second date" was a trip together to Maui, a year later. Our "third date" was to The Big Island. Last February we were married on our "fourth date" in a traditional Hawaiian ceremony on the shores of Keauhou Bay.

The term "soul mates" is used lightly these days, but we know from the depth of our hearts that we are a perfectly matched couple that has been together in life before and will be together in love throughout all eternity. We also suspect that island breezes had something to do with it, and that we were destined to happen in Hawaii.

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