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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

An Angel
Dedicated to Sarah Ann Dumbrell

Submitted by Carolanne

On October 1, 1988, a beautiful baby girl was born, a tiny little Angel, named Sarah Ann. Only a few hours old, Sarah was rushed by ambulance to a waiting plane. She was being taken to a hospital, where a team of surgeons were waiting. They would perform an emergency operation, to close an opening in her back. Sarah was born with Spina Bifida. Sarah is eleven now and is the love of our lives. I am Sarah's grandmother, and Sarah Ann has a very special place in my heart. I have seen her endure so many operations and feats in her life. This child is a love story. Never a complaint, she smiles, she's happy, she is joy. Our family has learnt so much from a child so filled with love. Sarah and her mom talk of going to Hawaii some day, where Sarah can enjoy the Hawaiian sun and the people. I would like Sarah and her mom to some day be able to see the Hawaiian Islands. Sarah says, "Someday, Grams, I'm going to Hawaii to see the whales and the dolphins." I hope Sarah Ann will see Hawaii; this is my dream for her, and my timeless love.

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