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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The fire is still burning
Dedicated to Larry Carl Belcher

Submitted by Sharlett

It was a Saturday afternoon in 1965. My mother and I were cleaning the church just after having watched my sister Tish get married. We were talking when the phone rang in the pastor's study and we heard the pastor answer it. Overhearing the conversation, my mother turned to me and stated "The man on other end of that phone is the one that you're going to marry." She told me that his name was Larry Belcher, a private in the Navy and stationed at Moffett Field, California. I asked her how she new this, and she simple said that God had revealed it to her. When we finished cleaning the church for service the next day, I didn't think anything more about Mom's prediction. The next day was Sunday and I went to Sunday School as usual. It was a beautiful day. I remember wearing a sharp looking suit. That day I could not tell you what the lesson was about because I was looking at Larry Belcher! He has since told me he remembers well the suit I had on and the perfume I was wearing, but admits that he cannot remember the lesson either. Weeks went by and I was hoping to hear from Larry, but didn't. After several Sundays passed he came back to church but with a lady on his arm. Something came over me and I thought "How dare you take this man that I haven't even had a chance to get acquainted with." After much thought I decided to invite some young people to our house for carrot cake and coffee. I invited several to come and made sure Larry was among them. Everyone had fun. Larry was just wonderful and we began dating after that night. Our courting was wonderful. I had a 1956 Chevy that we cruised around town in. Larry became the love of my life. It took him a long time to tell me he loved me but when he did my heart was beating so fast I thought it would come out of my chest. We fell head over hills in LOVE! After dating for six months Larry asked me to marry him and then a year later we were married. We staged a beautiful sixties wedding. We look often at the pictures and remember how wonderful it was. Our honeymoon was in Carmel, California which is the most beautiful place ever, and stayed at the Pine Cone Inn. The hotel was beautiful, full of antiques and wonderfully decorated. We had three of the most wonderful, glorious, magical days of our lives. We have remained true to each other all these 33 years. The vows we made to each other mean everything. I love Larry more now than ever. He is everything to me.

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