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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Our 30th Anniversary
Dedicated to Linda Abrams

Submitted by Les

For years, my wife had always wanted to go to Hawaii. From the time she saw the movie, Blue Hawaii, that was all she spoke about. So, for our 30th anniversary, I surprised her with a trip to Hawaii. As we stepped off the plane, I had made arrangements for her to be greeted with a special greeting. It was a great surprise and it helped ease the burden we just acquired. My wife had previously been diagnosed with MS. Even with this very debilitating disease, my wife was determined, more than anything, to climb Diamond Head. On our second day in Hawaii, early in the morning, to avoid the hot summer sun, we began what was to be a five-hour ordeal up the mountain. Without any water, stopping almost every 10 or 15 steps, I could not believe the determination my wife had. Like a woman possessed, each step being more difficult than the previous one, she continued upward. Many times, I suggested we stop and head back down the mountain. But, the answer was "no." She would not go back until she reached the top. Finally, almost three hours after we began, we reach the summit. She did it!!! We rested on the top, enjoying the unbelievable view, and then headed back down. The climb down was even more difficult than the ascent. We still had no water, the sun was high in the sky, and we had no hats to shield us from the heat. We continued down, one step at a time, another grueling three hours. As we reach the bottom, I could not believe how proud I was, and how my wife was able to prove to herself, with much love and support, you can accomplish anything.

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