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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Light That You Shine
Dedicated to Nancy Mcauliffe

Submitted by Keith

We started the wondrous adventure in Hawaii, November of last year. Our lives have intermingled and our feelings have grown. Because of you, the understanding and comfort of what love means to me has become clear for the first time in my life, yet there is still no explanation for the bond that has formed between us. You amaze me in every way that is possible. Truth has been the soul behind our connection. You opened my heart a repaired any wounds then brought me to a place in life that I had thought I would never see. You are the light that I have always looked for when in the dark and you carry the energy that restored my drive and determination in life. All of what you are, your attitude and determination, the dependable and consistent way you carry yourself within. Your soul is as adventurous and ever wanting to see the new that lies just beneath, I cannot have ever asked for more than you are right now. Yet, you strive to better yourself in every way and in turn drive me on to be a better man, and more driven to greater things. My dreams have not changed sense I can remember having formed them, what has, is that they have come into reality and are no longer a fragment of a distant thought. I still often question weather this is all a dream that will vanish with the light only to be assured in this time of doubt, that this is real from your heart telling me your love is true. I often daydream of the future to come now with little doubt as to the potential these dreams carry. I only have to look into your eyes and see what others cannot. The trust and devotion that could only be there because of the truth that formed this love, it shows like a light in the darkest of nights guiding my heart to your safe a warm touch.

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