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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

True Love Radiates
Dedicated to Anne

Submitted by Richard

In mid life I found myself with a broken relationship and heart; permanently disabled, alone, and in poverty. I felt my life was over. However, after years of struggle, I came to understand the nature of true love. I became able to love myself and tentatively reach out to others in a loving spirit. To my amazement, I found another who had been through a similar experience and come to the same state of mind. In spite of my problems, we became a close loving couple. Life is always presenting us with marvelous opportunities that we overlook due to everyday concerns. We learned to adopt an attitude of grateful appreciation toward all of life; to clear our minds and be open to experiencing the moment. On a recent trip to the ocean, I could see the same excitement and anticipation in Anne"s eyes that I felt. Ignoring my disability and her inability to swim, we found ourselves body surfing in the waves. We joined the energy and rhythm of nature and became one with each other and the ocean. Our love flowed out to embrace the spirit of life itself. Incredible joy! We want to share our love with you - Hawaii!

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