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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

First and Last Vacation
Dedicated to Mother

Submitted by Dianne

My mother was sick and I wanted to do something special for her. One of her wishes was to go to Hawaii. I took her on her 71st birthday to Maui. She wanted to see the island by helicopter, and we did. She could not believe how pineapples were grown, she thought they grew on a tree. There was a motel that we stayed in and we meant a very nice young lady that served us. My mother wanted her to serve us every time we went in. Shen the young lady found out that it was my mother's birthday she made her a lei. Mom was so execited that she tried to save it to take home, But it was made of real flowers and didn't last. This was the first vacation she had ever had. See my mother is from the hills of Tennessee, All that she ever saw of Hawaii was on TV, we only had 4 days of this beautiful land, but I would never change it. See this was my mothers last vacation, I lost my mother in 98, but my love still goes on for her, she is my timeless love.

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