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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

I Truly Am A Millionaire
Dedicated to Jimmie

Submitted by Wanda

Dear Jimmie,

Many years ago, we dreamed of going to Hawaii, a place of paradise. Time had a way of changing our dream. The years pass by so swiftly and my thoughts turn to you and our children who are precious jewels on my string of memories. Each year has made you dearer for your countless gifts of love. Each day I realize you are more than my husband, you have become my lifelong friend. No one can steal this gold of memories of my family and husband I adore, for they are locked away in the safety deposit of my heart. There is no other paradise I would rather be but here with you, where I can guard my treasures. Happy 25th Anniversary Jimmie! You made my favorite dreams come true and I thank god humbly for my countless riches. I truly am a millionaire.

With all my love,


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