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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Love in War
Dedicated to My Parents

Submitted by S

I was born in Hong Kong during the Second World War.

When I was born, life was very difficult. My mum was forced to leave me in the street which was littered with bombs. Luckily, my eldest brother, a teenager by then, took me back home and refused to give me away again.

Ever after, I was a loved and spoiled child of the family. I took little schooling and worked in a home business. There I met Wong. He was the owner of the business and was much older than I was (somewhat twenty years!)

Wong was born in mainland China. He swan to Hong Kong with his brothers to fled from the Communist Party. Despite the gap in age, we got to know each other and fell in love. He was a traditional Chinese man who contributed all his self to the family.

To make a living, we worked till late. Once we saw a movie shot in Hawaii and were deeply moved by the scenery and hospitality. We hoped to travel there for our postponed honeymoon in future.

By now, we have been married for over thirty five years. The beauty of Hawaii is still fresh in our minds.

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