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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Long Ago
Dedicated to Noel Carvajal

Submitted by Antoinette

Tropical breezes are calling us. Sending a message of love. God has created an earthen harmony that cannot be bought or sold. Like the wind and the warmth of the sun, these are gifts from God. Every once in a while you can feel a breeze thats blows right through you releasing all your worries and your woes. Feeling as if you could fly. The sun approaches then gently and warmly kisses you on the face. Feeling caressed by light. I long to hear the ocean whisper in my ear again to tell me its secrets of days gone by. I'd like to inhale the sea breeze and discover freedom again. To pick a plumeria flower and wear it in my hair. I miss watching the sunrise and the sunset on the islands. Most of all the friendly aloha from all its peoples. Cherishing my childhood in Hawaii. A new day comes and although I may never see Hawaii again it always remains in my memories and flows through my veins like madam peles lava flows. I have forgotten the hawaiian language in which my great grandmother fluently spoke but the language of the islands song always sings to me.

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