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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

My Sweetie
Dedicated to Gracie

Submitted by Omar

I thought I was in love with Candi. I was a young buck, and I thought love was a curvy bottle blonde who looked good in a bikini, certainly not a short, stocky Asian woman who corrected my grammar and who always got the sushi seaweed stuck between her front teeth.

I met Grace on the beach after Candi stood me up once again. Grace immediately started in on me about the empty beer cans. I should just have explained that the cans weren't mine, rather than making rude belching noises at her, but suddenly she just stopped ranting and started laughing hard. "You poor moron," she gasped. I started laughing with her, and a friendship blossomed.

I complained to Grace about how Candi was treating me, standing me up, then expecting me to pay for everything, including her rent, although she knew I was running low on funds after having chased her all the way to Hawaii. "Dump her," Grace would say. "But I love her," I'd say. "You poor moron," she'd say.

After the last fight with Candi and a drinking binge, I wound up at Grace's driveling and sniffling. Grace knew that she and I were meant for each other, and was getting fed up with my cluelessness. It wasn't until I woke up out on the sidewalk in front of Grace's house sausaged into one of Grace's house dresses that it hit my pounding head. Grace and I have been together ever since.

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