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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Love Endures
Dedicated to All World War II Veterans Everywhere

Submitted by Patricia

The air is still, almost thick enough to touch. Standing on the Arizona Memorial, I close my eyes, trying to see the faces in the faded photograph I saw so long ago. Nameless young men, posing happily for the camera, appear in my mind's eye. They are strangers to me, but they tug at my heart. Their zest for life, their energy, was snuffed out much too soon. My heart quickens as I reflect on the enormous price they paid. Those young men never had the chance to walk hand-in-hand with their grandchildren, never again strolled the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, never felt again the gentleness of a lover's touch. As a tear slides gently down my cheek, the wind stirs, ruffling my hair, touching my cheek, as if to say "Don't be sad. We're not gone; we're still here, just beyond the veil of tears. The price we paid was high, but it was paid willingly, for those we loved." As the gentle rain begins, I smile--for now I truly understand. With every sunrise, their love radiates, covering our world with light. They aren't gone; they are simply transformed--to the sunlight, the breeze, the rainfall, the very essence of living. Turning to go, I can almost hear their voices, carried on the wind. "Live on, embracing all that life has to offer." Love endures.

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