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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

I Went with the House
Dedicated to Jodie

Submitted by Ernest

My friend at work stopped me one morning and asked me if I was dating, or words to that effect.

Divorce papers were filed and I was waiting out the time until it was final. My soon to be ex-wife had gone a little off center when she came to grips with a carreer change she had made, and had finally blamed me for her misery. We had sold our home and we were living forty miles apart. All hope for reconciliation was gone.

"Well", I said, "I wouldn't mind dating the gal who bought our house". I knew that she and his wife were friends. "I haven't really been out much, but she is really cute".

"We'll double", he said.

About six weeks later, after I kidded him a lot about his lack of follow through, he gave me her phone number. We met that night.

Before the evening was over, she told me that she was going to marry me. Shortly after that, she proposed. About a month later, while watching John Goodman play Babe Ruth, I said yes.

By the time we were married, she had sold the house we had both lived in at different times, so we never lived there together.

We are soul mates. The ensuing eight plus years have been joyous. Our love for each other is perfect. Thank God she bought that house. With a long delayed honeymoon in Hawaii, our lives will be perfect.

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