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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Thirty-Five Years of Dreams
Dedicated to John

Submitted by Sandy

When John and I first met in 1963, it was the beginning of the VietNam war, there was no time for a relationship, he was joining the Navy. We talked for long hours about someday going to Hawaii. During the VietNam War, John did make it to Hawaii. Once he came home and we planned our wedding, we just could not afford a trip like that. He told stories of how beautiful it was and how someday he would love to take me there. Every anniversary we would talk about Hawaii and that someday we would fullfill our dream. Here we are over 35 years later still dreaming of the sand, surf and beauty of Hawaii. We still talk about it. We still plan that someday we might be able to go. Maybe that someday is in 2001. You could make that dream come true.

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