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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Catherine and I
Dedicated to My wife: Catherine

Submitted by Jeffrey

We have time alone seldomly, not by choice but by consequence. Being the parents of 5 children so allows this constrain. But here we were at the airport Just Catherine and I on the ready as it were to visit Hawaii ALONE. The trip was long and we transferred several times, but during which we talked and not just conversing, but instead like we used to softly. We held hands for our emotional sake most assuredly but also for we had no need of holding children's hands We spoke softly as their were no children to correct, no orders to the troops. When we arrived in Kauai we played, walked the beaches and stood watching the ocean for hours, together a very happy man and his wife. All things, the criteria of parents composition were put aside and for 10 days we enjoyed the company in every way two people in love can express their selves. When we left were so much better for the pilgrimage, re-enraptured with ourselves and ready for 22 more years in the company of our blessed family

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