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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Lost and Found
Dedicated to Melvin G. Bullock

Submitted by Sharon

During the spring of 1998, my former spouse and I decided to split. It was truly a very deprssing period in my life. One evening I decided to venture out on my own and have dinner alone. I chose a restaurant close to home and near my favorite shopping center. After depleting all my extra cash on everything from a hawaii t-shirt to one pair of red victoria secrets undergarment, I left the mall for dinner. Upon entering the restaurant, there was this slender, dark and handsome gentleman waiting in the foyer of the restaurant. Cute, very cute, on the surface, he illuminated all a woman would want in a man. I was eventually seated, knowing I would never lay eyes on this guy again. Approximately fifteen minutes passed and the waitress sat him adjacent to my seat. Once, I placed my order and the waitress departed my table, a voice spoke and that gentleman from the front foyer asked me if he could join me for dinner. Well hold on to your seat! He was there to meet a blind date which did not show up and I was depressed and feeling lonely. We had a great conversation and recognized that we had much in common as well. Both of our birthday's are August 23,----. My maiden name is similar to his, which is Bullard and we're both from the same southern region of US. Of course, we've fallen in love and for our combined Christmas present a suggestion that we take a romantic trip to Hawaii was proposed. I prefer honeymoon, but this is close enough for now. We've been together since that evening at the restaurant, June 5, 1998. I feel as though he's my soulmate and this trip my just place the proof with the pudding.

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