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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

How I Longed
Dedicated to Nancy Anderson

Submitted by Charles

I met her at a construction site for a church. I had no thought of meeting anyone actually i was pretty fine just being single. then of course that's when it happens and it did. this beatiful hard working young lady that was covered in dirt from head to toe. came over to help assist in hanging the wallpaper. she ask what she could do to help. we ask her to clean of the paste that was left from us hanging the paper. I had never been so impressed it won my heart over to see her work so diligently at such a menial task. we talk a lot that day while we worked. I at the time didn't realize how much i started to like her. it wasn't until later when we finished and i was on my way home that it sunk in and i was in love with her. but there was one problem that stop me in my tracks and that was she had just been recently divorced and i didn't want to get involved in a situation like that. so i let it go. 2 weeks later i get a phone call at home. i answer it and it's her. she of course was calling me to find out if i had any feeling toward her. and she expressed that she did towards me. i was again impressed with her for doing that because i could hear the fear in her voice. she didn't want to sound like she was desprate. but it came across in such sincerity i was grinning ear to ear. That started off from there. but i didn't have much time with her because she was leaving for hawaii and was going for 2 weeks. then when she got back i only seen a few days and then she left for seattle for 3 months. which made it hard but the one great thing that help me thru it was she left me a picture of her holding her friends baby on a beach in hawaii with the sun going down behind her. when i told her that i loved picture. she asked why and it was because she looked so peaceful in it. she said that when it was taken she was thinking of me. so now you know why that picture help me for 3 long months with out seeing her. it has been a while now since then and i am looking for a ring for her. plus i have been trying to find somewhere we can spend our honeymoon we don't have much so i bought a guide book of kauai to see if we could find something reasonable and that's how i got to this website. i want to take her back there so that she can have her dream come true of her and i on one of the beaches in hawaii.

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