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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Phone Love
Dedicated to First Love

Submitted by Chayke

We were middle aged when we finally met up again. We both had grown children,and sad lives and still felt the same magnetic pull that we did 30 years ago. We didn't know each other then and certainly not now. But dreamt of gettting away together. Somewhere safe,warm,beautiful. Hawaii seemed far enough.
We were seperated by an ocean.The phone calls became longer, and more frequent. We were both becoming more involved with each other and our sad lives now became tortured lives.

Finally we both knew we had to get together or end this phone affair. How can two people with family commitments and jobs get away together for any amount of time, without causing serious problems at home?

Well, love does conquer all.
We both pleaded depression, and the need to be alone.
We made our seperate ways to Hawaii.
We spent five whole days walking, talking, laughing and crying. We finally fell in love. Then it was time to go home. We packed our bags and decided that we would not speak again.

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