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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Coming home
Dedicated to Ku`u Ipo

Submitted by Kalena

I was 36 when I first started truly trying to connect to my birthplace, Oahu. I live in Washington state so it was a long distance connection. I joined a local hula halau (school). My interest then lead me to do research on some lyrics and in the process I found a chat room that Israel Kamakawiwo`ole frequented. So I hung out some, hoping to get a chance to speak with him.

Meantime, I met others that enjoyed "all things hawaiian". One of the daily visitors I met used the name of "Lurkah". As time went by we spent a lot of time getting to know one another. We moved our "chat" time to another location after I was asked to host an area of a Hawai`i message board. Lurkah was very generous in teaching me the basic html I needed to pull my room together. After a while we thought it would be good to hear what each other sounded like since we had spent so much time "talking" already. This lead to many hours and dollars spent on phone calls. We found we wanted to meet each other in 3-D as we felt we had grown so close. So I arranged a trip home over the Thanksgiving holiday. We both felt a lot of anxiety as we worried what the other one would think about ourself in person. However as I walked off the plane I felt I was walking into my sweetheart's arms and nothing ever felt so right. I was only able to spend a week there with Lurkah. I had the most wonderful time seeing the place of my birth with him showing me so much more than I ever knew. We decided that everything was "real" and that he would next come to see where I live with my daughters. He traveled over to Washington in May of the next year. And even though he'd never been around kids very much he got along great with my daughters who had been looking forward to "meeting" the one that Mom had been spending so much time with online.

After one week he had to head back home but we knew we wanted to be together and just needed to figure out the best way for that to happen. As it turned out, he moved here to keep my daughters from having to leave their extended family. We went back home to Hawai`i and got married this past August. We arranged everything from here in Washington and amazingly everything went almost perfectly. The ceremonies were held at the hotel where we stayed for two weeks. We had already had everything mostly prepared but once we were there the management spent a lot of time making sure things were the way we needed them. Everyone was so helpful. Our friends from online contributed so much, one made our cake, a wonderful apricot cheesecake, another took care of the photography and another performed the ceremonies.

I know all of our friends had serious reservations (as we did also at first) about an online romance but I know I found my perfect match. Someone who has so many interests similar to mine and who was willing to give up almost everything to be with me.

God has blessed us so much, thank you. Kalena

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