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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

The love of my life
Dedicated to Jeff Baker

Submitted by Kelly

Jeff was my boss at the place I worked for about 2 years and we really didn't talk much until he was going trough a divorce and I was as well. We started going out and talking and one thing led to another and we were the talk (gossip) of the whole restaraunt where we worked. Everyone swore to each of us that is was a rebound thing and we wouldn't last. We have both quit that job and although we are still the talk there it is about how the 2 of us are so perfect for each other. We read each others mind and finish each others sentences. I could never have imagined that being in love was like this and am sure that it could never be any better than this. We just want a chance to get away from everyone and all the talk for a bit and have a chance to be with each other alone without anyone else's cares around us but ours. He is my love and my life and he is aware of that on a daily basis. I would love to go somewhere special with him and neither one of us would make it to Hawaii without some help.

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